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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Expressing Him Through our Vessel

"Because of my loyalty, priority and devotion to please GOD, I refuse to dress like this world. Your body is NOT yours, as you were "bought with a price". Please Let GOD cover you with HIS ROBE of RIGHTEOUSNESS!"

    I found this quote on a website this morning. It expresses my own reason that I dress like I dress. I have been disturbed for the past few years at all the "Christian cleavage" that the majority, it seems, of Christian woman display. We, who have not succumbed to the pull of the culture around us, will be accused, I'm sure of being legalistic. But, as the quote says and is my stance, I belong to Him and I desire to do as He wills.
    I've sought the Lord on if I have been deficient in not speaking to the younger women I know who are dressing in this way, as He says the older women should teach the younger. He has shown me that even if I did speak out they would not hear, as there is something in their hearts that needs removing, and that is the reason they are dressing like that. By His Holy Spirit, I am to lead by example, and this I have, and will continue to do.
     It happened so fast, and I am still stunned by it all. It seemed like one week Christians were teaching that "men are visual" as so we should dress modestly, and the next week those same women were showing 1-3" of cleavage unashamedly. It was as if  spirit of lust was sprinkled like fairy dust over the land. And, I say that soberly, as the enemy can bring spiritual blindness quickly is people are pre-disposed to that. Soon, even seeing that over and over can have an effect of desensitisizing nakedness.
     Yes, the "robe of righteousness" that He brings to us, as the above quote states. We do receive His righteous standing when we receive His finished work on  the cross, and then by not receiving the grace of God in vain, we display through ourselves and  by what we say and do, and even in what we wear, that same righteousness. Again, we are the "called-out ones;" the "ecclesia" of God. We are called out of the darkness of sin and into His marvelous light of the power to resist sin. We are called out of the values of this world, and into the values of His glorious Kingdom. WE ARE TO BE DIFFERENT THAN THE WORLD'S WAYS! Let our light so shine, He says. Present an alternative way; a way of truth, life and purity, both inside and out.
     Oh Lord, save us from this perverse and sinful generation! I did save you, He says. Now walk in it!

Husbands-Please gently take your wives aside and instruct them about this. Wash her with His Word.  Her flesh may rail, but if she is truly wanting to follow God's will, she will do as you and as He says.


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