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Friday, December 27, 2013

He Will Make the Crooked Places Straight

     There are so many interpretations of the doctrines of the Bible, I stagger. Whenever I am seeking understanding about a particular thing from the Lord, sometimes I read what other people have written on the subject. Most of the articles, are chuck full of Scripture to verify their beliefs, but still they believe differently. What is the truth, someone might ask. Is it a matter of, "pick a card, any card"?
     I am reminded of Pontius Pilate starring at Jesus and asking the same thing about truth, and Truth was looking back at him, but he didn't recognize Him. Truth is Jesus Christ, and all truth comes from Jesus Christ, by means of His Holy Spirit who promises to lead us into all truth. So, when we read His Word, we can be assured that He is, and He will do that for us. Maybe not right at that second, but "in His time."
     There are many Bible scholars who want knowledge just for the sake of knowledge. I am referring, though, to seeking understanding of God's will, and to know His heart and mind on things for the purpose of applying it to our lives, so that He may be glorified through it, and so that we may bring Him pleasure. When we say, "I delight to do your will, O God," He must say, "I delight that you are delighted."
     Wading through all the different beliefs, though, is daunting, and without the aid of His Holy Spirit, becomes confusing and many times, defeating. When I first came to the Lord, and listened on the radio to many who I felt knew better than me, and then realized their beliefs contradicted each other, I was frustrated, and didn't know what to think. Who was right, and who should I believe, I mused.
     Over time, though, as I grew in Him, and understood, about the promise of the Holy Spirit to lead me into all truth, and learned to hear His leading, I became more relaxed. Many times, I am just doing a menial thing, and He drops His understanding in my spirit concerning something I have wondered about for years. He decides when to reveal truth to us, I believe.
     In His Word, He talks about people who are carnally minded, and that they cannot understand the things of the spirit. If we are not allowing Him to change us on the inside, by the cross He says for us to "take up" then we will not be able to "hear His voice," and will follow carnally minded (or flesh driven) doctrines which will be false, and will lead us astray, although we won't know it. Perhaps that is why there are so many different beliefs "out there." People aren't letting Him crucify their flesh, and so, it is leading the charge in their lives.
     When God's followers are wanting Him to have His way in their lives, and are letting Him do His work on the inside of them, which involves much pain and sorrow, the Spirit within them will begin to dominate and they will begin to understand His heart and mind concerning the truth He enables us to walk in. Even though all are not at the same place in this, if they continue, they will be at the same place, because they are moving in that same direction. Oh Lord, help us continue to surrender to You, so that our beliefs will be based on Your truth and not on our own carnal reasoning, which will lead us astray every time. Amen.



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