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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Crossing the Great Divide

     Examining the concept of a child of God growing in grace and truth and love, and if this perpetual growing is the best God has for us, or if we can simply "be ye healed," and if our staying in this process, instead of walking into His freedom is something that is unconsciously holding us back. Wow-what a question!!! And, as I type this, I am holding it up to God, wanting His understanding in all of this, expecting Him, by the Holy Spirit, to give understanding.
     I fear that I am not ready to hear the answer, because inside me I am hearing that "yes, I am holding something back" and that is why I am going through this long process of healing. And what is it? What is being held back? I think that it is being in control of my own life, which when looked at honestly, is most daunting. It is like putting myself, my thoughts, my ways above His. Am I choosing myself as my own god? Again, this is idolatry.
     If I put myself totally "in Christ" than He is healing, He is truth and He is love, and everything else that He is, which is everything. He will bring our mountains down as we place ourselves in Him. In fact, the greatest mountain in us is us! Will we trust Him to do that? Will we let Him do that? Have we really given outselves to Him fully? Until we do, we will experience struggle and unrest.
     People declare with great assurance, "I gave my heart to Christ back in 1968" and keep retelling and reassuring themselves of this "fact" and keep struggling on in their lives. Could the truth be that we didn't really give ourselves like we think we did, and we are holding back something or more than likely some things because we think we know best, making ourself our own god?
    These are very serious things to consider, and the only way we can really know where we stand in these things is to really want truth and open ourselves up to the voice of God (and He is speaking in you even now) and agree to see what He sees. The biggest danger is to say to yourself, "no,that's not me," in an attempt to justify the lies within us.
     Getting alone with God is vital in finding out this most heart-challenging and ultimately life-changing answer, and then we must make a decision. You've heard of the expression " a decision for Christ" and we think that we have made it based on a former public declaration of faith at some point in our lives, but letting God show us if we really did that or not, can be the most freeing thing we do if we will respond to it by truly giving of ourselves to Him from the heart and with full knowledge of what we are doing. Agreeing to let go of us and all the us we are, and saying "yes, come Lord Jesus" and live in me and be my God in real life, is stepping over the chasms that have prevented us from overcoming in all things.   


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