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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Spiritual Blasphemies of Christmas

      For those of you who read the post yesterday entitled, "Temptation to Return," I mentioned at the end of the article that I would share some of the blasphemies the Lord had shown me and my husband concerning Christmas. As these are spiritually discerned, those of you who read these and try to understand with your carnal reasonings, thinking and fleshly emotions will disagree, and perhaps even have anger towards the things I will share. If, however, you understand that you are not your own and that you were brought with a price, and you accept that, you may, with the mind of Christ, (able and willing to "see as He sees") respond how He leads you to and make changes.
     Blasphemy means something that is an abomination to the Lord; something that offends, mocks or hurts Him. It is a strong word. So, what are these practices of Christmas that are so blasplemous to Him?
     For one thing, the whole "celebration" of it is hurtful to Him, as He didn't ask us to do it in the first place. It is a man-made tradition full of good feelings, fun, and self-indulgence. The whole world is being held sway by it, and it keeps growing. It consumes so much time, money and soul energy. People court it like a lover, eventually marrying it for life. They are soul-tied to it, and refuse to let it go. In fact, most feel like they can't let it go. And, indeed they can't because it is cemented to them with false beliefs and justifications, like "Jesus is the Reason for the Season." and He really isn't. Look closely and you will see. It is more like "Mammon is the Reason for the season," not Jesus.
     One reason I know about the hold Christmas and all the trimmings has on a soul, is because of the hold it had on me. When my husband and I began to see these things, which had nothing to do with Jesus, and felt God calling us to not do Christmas, I then realized the hold it had on my emotions. That "magical feeling" people talk about or "the Christmas spirit" felt so good. I mean it seemed like it was the only time of year people were nice to each other and got along. Sitting under the lit Christmas tree, with Christmas carols quietly playing in the background at night, with the little manger scene close by, made for a "high"similar to what some drugs do in giving you " a sense of well-being." I wonder what kind of spirit the Christmas spirit really is? I shutter to think.
     Why don't God's children get this focused on the things of the Kingdom by opening themselves up at all times of the year,  to what He would have them do on this earth instead of going through the motions year after  year after year of Christmas,  patterning themselves after the world? The fact that unbelievers celebrate with as much gusto as believers do says something. The blasphemy to God is that He told us not to conform to the pattern of this world, and celebrating Christmas is a direct violation to His will in this. We, are supposed to be different! I'm guessing that He might have said this, so we would be seen as an alternative way to live, and that He knew how consumed we might become in the things of the world, with Christmas being the main one, and it would become a deadly distraction to our walk with Him. Fleshly lusts, pride and the lustsof the eyes are the 3 broad categories that lead us to sinful living and turning our backs on Him. Christmas is an idol that fills all 3 of these.
     "Come out from among them, and be seperate" says the Lord. We, as His people, are to be a people set on a hill to be seen by all, to be removed from the masses, shining with the light and love of Him and each other. Perhaps many are not only soul-tied to what they think is something God wants them to do by celebrating Christmas, and are so involved with their traditions that they can't see the forest for the trees. It is only as God reveals these things to us, and we hear Him and come out that we are able to then see more clearly. Year by year our vision gets clearer, as we get further from it.
     Yes, the Holy Spirit can use this secular festival that much of the world is participating in for His glory as we ask Him, "what would you have me do?" His creativity will astound you, as He will come up with things we never thought of before, and it will usually involve sharing His love and resources with others and not heaping it on ourselves or our children. The massive gift giving to them subliminally shows them that "it's all about me," a blasphemous gospel indeed.
     All He asks of us is to lay everything at His feet. Christmas included. It's a big institution to even think about giving up, but if it violates Him and His will, is worth it. Just think of what He might fill the void with. He will fill it with Himself; the greatest gift of all, and then "Jesus will be the reason for our Life," as He will be our life.


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