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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Life I've Chosen

     It's becoming clearer to me how in choosing Christ, we have chosen a different life than we would have had. If we lived the book of Ecclesiastes, which tells of living on this earth without Him in us, we would enjoy ourselves by eating, drinking and being merry, for tomorrow we die. If that sounds good, we also cannot escape the glaring message in that book, that by living like that, the author, and through him, God Himself is telling us that everything is meaningless in this kind of existence.
     Oh, we might could tell of travels far and wide, which we enjoyed by seeing His creation, and we might show our possessions, which we too, had enjoyed, or even houses and lands and family events that filled our life, but was this the life He ordained for us? Was this the life that was used for His glory, or for our own pleasure only? Did this life bring us or Him glory? Did it advance His Kingdom or our own?
     If we see that we are claiming to be His child, and yet are continuing to "do our own thing" without seeking His will for our lives, we can turn around. It's not too late to say "no" to all the allurements of the world (even if we can afford them) and the things our flesh craves, and repent and give our life to Him for His use, and not our own.
     Can we make Him Savior and not Lord is the real question? I want what you can do for me, but I don't want to give you my life for your use.-this statement reveals a self-willed heart without giving one's self as a living sacrifice. Let's meditate on this today. Better yet, let's go to God in prayer asking Him to reveal who we are living for, and respond to Him accordingly.


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