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Sunday, March 06, 2016

The Fluff of Jesus

     Jesus is being portrayed today in the West as an ooey-gooey lover, whose mission in life is to make our personal world one of ease and peace, as we define that. Denying the spiritual battle in which satan is waging to take back the family of God into his darkness, perpetrators and believers of this "gospel" continue to slumber and be deceived by the enemies own doctrines.
     The teachings many are receiving and embracing focus on the "self" being elevated, instead of the truth that Jesus told us to deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow Him. Because these lies are so rampant here, those who seek to do His Will above all else, can become infected themselves if they aren't careful, especially if they "join hands" with others who are falling into these errors, albeit unknowingly.
     Yesterday, I went to a Voice of the Martyrs conference, and as several people took the mic and shared their stories of how God used them as a living sacrifice, and the way in which they responded to Him through it,  I felt I had found some more members of my family in Christ!!! Seeing these believers praise Him, even through the storm, (in reality and not just a song to sing), encouraged me to stay strong in Jesus and in the truths of who He is in my life. He is our loving and Sovereign God who has a purpose in what comes in our lives, whether good or bad. (as we see it.) It is to Him we live, and for His glory!!!
     He is King, and we are His grateful beneficiaries, whose joy comes from us knowing and serving Him, and not in how He can serve the lusts of our flesh! He wants our flesh (sin-nature) to die, so that His love, truth, grace, joy, and light can shine through us and be expressed to the world!!! Please pray for the church in the West to open their eyes so they can see Jesus, not with fluff, but in truth!!!


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