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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Except from A Brother's Writing

If you know yourself — and know anything about human tendencies — and know anything about YHWH, the ONE true God, 
then you’ll realize that He will do ANYTHING to sabotage our comfort and addiction to this present age BECAUSE HE LOVES US. 

Wow. That’s a different look at it all than most take, isn’t it? 
To be GRATEFUL when your finances or job or house or sport or hobby or health or time or plans are endangered? How is THAT?

Understand that you cannot SEE the Kingdom if your eyes are not seeing it through HIS Cross, and YOUR Cross! 

Knowing THIS, you can understand why Abba, if He loves us and is intervening for OUR Eternal ultimate Welfare, will NOT let us become satiated or addicted or dulled by the world system, and it’s cares and worries and deceits without a fight! 

If we KNOW that we can ONLY “See the KINGDOM” through His Cross and by “taking up our own cross” as those “dead to the world and the world to us” — 
then we can REJOICE at His Majesty and His Genius and His LOVE 
to be willing to Intervene any way HE decides -- that we may share in HIs Glory as we participate in His Life. 


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