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Sunday, June 01, 2014

Go With It

     Yesterday a brother in the Lord and I were talking about how our state of being is affected by the cloudy weather. I commented that when the sun is out, and the temperature just right, I can "feel the presence of the Lord in the atmosphere." He agreed and knew what I was talking about.
     But, Christ is within, so it's obvious that we have not attained to the full ascendency of that reality in our growth. We still are affected by externals.
     Sometimes,  though, our feeling "blue" is an indicator of something God is wanting to show us. I am finding that if I just "go with it" and don't try and cover it up with a pretentious smile and a feigned good mood,  things go better and the result He is looking for comes about quicker.
     There is something about pretending that is contrary to cooperating with Him as He works within us. We either do that, or occupy ourselves with activities which takes us to another zone where we can ignore what He is trying to tell us.
     But, what if we just went with the sad feelings, and listened, without trying to cover them up, or act like we weren't feeling them? What might He say to us or show us? Like David, our question might be, "why are you so downcast, O my soul?" And let Him answer. We might be surprised at what He says or shows us. It may be a major key we didn't know about that is hindering His love from flowing through us, that He wants to remove.
     To wait on the Lord when these feelings come can be an anxious activity if we have been used to taking care of things ourselves with our coping mechanisms, in the past. Our cover-up reactions have been successful in soothing ourselves from having to experience these feelings, but in the process we may have missed God's intention of showing us something very important.
      So I say, "go with it" when these feelings come and see what He has to say. He may want to expose a sin that has so easily besets us which has caused a stumbling block in us for many, many years, and He is wanting to set us free!


  • At 6/09/2014 6:14 PM , Blogger Marshall said...

    refreshing to see this put to words well.

    often when I am nearing to enter a new city or to experience a change, unexplained feelings & emotion come --- even into what is without easy description. These always seem to precede something Father is to be revealing or doing, in or around me, or both.


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