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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Safe In His Arms

     I have jumped off the cliff with my parachute on my back, and am in the phase of the free fall, but no matter how scared I might feel, it is ultimately NOT scary because I KNOW that the parachute will open, and that's because the parachute is Christ. What I am talking about is when we decide to open ourselves up to more of God and His truth-that's the jumping off the cliff part. To do this in the first place you have to trust that He will keep you safe, and that He won't let you go off into some false beliefs. The free fall is the place between the truth as you've known it, and the truth that He is presenting to you, whether through someone else who is living in it, or directly by His Spirit to yours. Either way it is His Spirit that is leading you, as one of His functions is to lead you into ALL truth. The truth of course, is only according to God's heart and mind.
     Because I believe that it was under His guidance for me, I agreed to  participate in a week long exposure to "new truth." Reconciling my former way of looking at many things about God and His Kingdom, and being presented with a new way which will replace the old, if He is leading me to this, is the free fall part of the jump.
     The parachute is Christ, and all that He is. With that in mind, I am assured of the final outcome that it will be good, true, right and safe. He is our blessed assurance and Jesus is mine, so venturing out into new territory is not to fight against, but to go with. He is making all things new, and so, in our growing into His image, it is necessary to jump at times. We can choose to climb down the mountain. We will get there, but it will take so much longer. But, it is not without, in fact, it is with much hardship that we enter the Kingdom. It's a jump that will terrify, and undo all that we have been, most of what we have believed in, and will strike at the very core of who we are.
       Nevertheless, forward we go into this new life. In doing so, we let Christ be glorified through us. What a joy! What a privilege! What an adventure!


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