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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Heart of Restoration

     What is a heart of restoration? It is God's heart for us and for all mankind. His desire is for all the wickedness (everything which is not of Him) in every person, to be redeemed and made whole. In the Word, He tells us that at some point in time, He is going to restore all things. I don't draw a conclusion as to when or how He will do this, or even what that will look like, but just acknowledge that He will do it. I have confidence that what He says He will do, will be done. He is faithful and true.
     So, if His heart is for restoration for all, our own renewed hearts will emanate that same desire. In situations that come up in our lives involving others' sin, approaching them with His heart of readiness to forgive and restore them, is life-giving. Somehow other people can sense our feelings towards them of either condemning or receiving them, even if we don't speak a word. It's a spiritual thing.
    The Father is waiting on the hill with love in His heart, watching for the prodigal to return home so He can receive and restore him to wholeness. Even though the elder brother is angry and jealous and self-righteous, and has remained at home (atleast physically) He longs to receive and restore him also-"all have fallen short of the glory of God." No one is overlooked.
     So, "the good and the bad" truly are "filthy rags," and in need of restoring and tranforming.  Viewing other people with this perspective and heart, can activate the cleansing power of His love to them and through them. In order for this kind of love to flow through us requires that our hearts are fully persuaded to the truth of His desire for restoration for all, in order to release it to others. As we do, our own hearts are further cleansed and made new, and His healing power does it's work.


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