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Friday, January 04, 2013

Unless the Lord Goes With Me, I'm Not Going

     I am meeting with a young woman in Christ who I haven't met before. We were connected by a guy who is the head of a ministry called Adventures in Missions.(look on links) My understanding is that they send people on missions trips both in America and abroad. This young woman was someone who has already gone on a marathon trip called World Race, which if I understand it right, takes someone to 12 countries in a year to minister the grace, love and compassion of Christ to those in need.
     So, I am going on an adventure of sorts myself to meet my younger sister. I go with God and His purpose place in my heart. I don't know that purpose but am surrendered to it. How can I do that? By not having a purpose of my own; by being a blank slate; by walking into the unknown blindly. I will find out.
     Doing this is very similar to going on  a missions trip really. You step out not knowing exactly what you will find in that foreign country or part of the world. You may think you know the purpose, but God does so much more with it then what you think. It usually changes you inside, and the others you come in contact with. If God is the One you have surrendered to, then He has free reign to do as He pleases.
     My husband and I have been to India 3 times since 2006. I still can't see clearly all of the things God did on those trips. Many are left unseen. Such as how He answered the prayers we pray for all the people we prayed for. As we prayed according to His will, He is doing phenomenal things in the hearts and minds of the people there! I shutter to imagine! As He inspired us to pray what we prayed, and as He answered those prayers, I would not be the least surprised to find out that India would have one of the greatest revivals ever! Atleast there would be a closer and deeper walk with Him in their hearts, and as  result, there would be more surrendered lives He can use for His glory!!!
     In mentioning use going on our trips, I cannot do that without telling you about the one who made that possible for us, who is currently looking into the eyes of Jesus, the one who he lived for. Court Wood, the director of In Jesus Name Ministries (a link on this blog) a few days ago answered the call to another land where Jesus is. He is now residing in Mt. Zion with the whole company of heaven.
     Court Wood lived,breathed, and taught helping the poor, the widow and the orphan by starting a ministry which not only collected support for the least of these in persecuted nations, but who also led teams to see for themselves and to love on the believers there. We had many conversations on the phone about desiring that believers in America who are so financially blessed would catch the vision of the world-wide Body of Christ, and how we believed God so wanted the ones who had resources would give to our suffering brothers and sisters who didn't . I am going to miss his love, his Christ-like example, his directing us to see the poor in our world, and his encouraging manner in our lives.
     When we were getting ready for our first trip to India with him, I was talking on the phone wanting to get all the info. I could to "be prepared." I was asking him if there was any orientation we went through to do before we went. His reply was classic and showed his true heart. He said, "Just love them in Jesus' Name, Patti." Oh, so sweet, but it seemed to simple. Simple yes, but easy, no. I already learned something about myself before I left. I learned that my desire to have all my ducks in a row was not what was in store for me, and in this way, I was put in a position to not know much of what I would experience, so I "had" to trust God in my going.
     The same thing goes for my little adventure today as I meet with Taniuska today.  She did send me a picture of herself so if she got to the restaurant before me, I would know who to look for. But that is all I know really. So, once, again as I go on God's mission, I go with His Spirit only. I am learning that is enough.

Consider opening yourself up to "go." It will be one of the most wonderful, faith buiding things you will ever do. And, He WILL go with you!!!


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