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Thursday, January 03, 2013

A Word for 2013!

     This is going to be a short post. As I was sitting in my chair this morning, a word from the Lord to me and I believe to His body dropped in my spirit for this upcoming year. And that word is:OCCUPY TIL I COME!
     There are so many distractions in our natural world today which are taking control of believer's mind and emotions which are getting in the way of them attending to the Father's business such as worrying about what is going to happen to their money, how to prepare for the trouble that is coming, the threat of Islam and the threat of socialism taking away our freedoms in America, buying guns and ammo, keeping up with every political  move that is made by reading the internet or watching the news on TV, scurrrying about saying, "the sky is falling; the sky is falling," and the list goes on and on. O.K., fine the sky may be falling, but what then is to be our focus even more as believers and as those who are not of this world, but who are made to carry Him and do the works of the Kingdom. None other than to press in further and make ourselves available to carry out His purposes for our lives; we are not our own; we were bought with a price.
     God showed me the other day how I "self-protect" and this is the basis for wanting to focus on these other earthly things, and that as I continue to let Him strip me of these defenses, I am more able to let Him have His way in me, and that I will not be as termpted to focus on these other natural things listed above. I am determined to "live unto Him until I die" meaning to get closer and closer to complete dependence on Him so that I will not have an opened door to protect and defend myself, but let Him do it for me.
     How do we occupy until He comes? Daily come to Him in prayer expressing that desire, making yourself available to fulfill His purposes through you for that day. In doing that, and meaning it, I know by faith that He will work all of that out. Our part, then, is to respond to His voice during each day, and do it in His strength. As you do this, you will be occupying. If we haven't surrendered ourselves in each day, we won't surrender ourselves to His purposes, and we won't be occupying. We will occupy space and time but it will be according to our own will, not His.


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