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Tuesday, March 04, 2014

When Spirituality Becomes a Fad

     Whenever the world embraces something which originally stemmed from a presumed Christian theme, beware. I am thinking of  the celebrations of Christmas and Easter, angels, wearing a cross, even embracing "cool" Jesus movies, displaying John 3:16 at sports games, (even though God does use this, as His word is truth) even increased church attendance that happens after a perceived threat comes such as 9-11, and other trendy fads. The thing is, that many who call themselves  His become excited by these "proofs", thinking that the world is turning to Him, and become deceived. What is happening is that His truths are being watered down or presented in a worldly way, and so the world is accepting them in a palatable form which requires nothing of them.
     To truly be transformed requires an acceptance of who Christ is, and then in that acceptance, He brings transformation in a person. Some think that the formation of certain political groups and fiery commitments to them, indicate that His Kingdom is coming, and that He works through the legislative process to bring transformation. One is of the Spirit, and the other is of the flesh or world, which are diametrically opposed to one another.
     Again, He cries, "come out from among them and be separate," and you will not be "entangled with civilian affairs." If we mix with the world's desires and perceptions, even those who profess they are following Him, can be deceived into seeing something that is not there, when these fads begin to surface, when they are usually only a mirage. Satan uses what is seen to lure believers into drifting into the mode of determining truth from error by this, instead of operating in faith which looks to the truths of God to do that.  


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