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Friday, February 28, 2014

God of Wisdom

     Action minus wisdom equals (eventual) disaster. Our God of Wisdom holds everything we need to make decisions that guarantee a good outcome, and yet many times we insist on "doing it ourselves." Our pride in ourselves or just wanting something so bad, causes us to do things that causes many of our own problems.
     For example, one time many years ago, we were supposed to go to my brother's house, who lives about 10 hrs. away. Looking at the weather map the night before, it said that a big winter freeze was going to go through the area we were to be traveling through. I am usually a very cautions person, but I really wanted to go to my brothers, so somewhere inside of me, I decided to ride on the truth that "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."
     Well, to make a long story short, they closed the interstate, and my husband decided to take the back roads, which, when we saw sunlight the next morning, we realized we had been driving on a road with 45 degree embankments on both sides, and that there had been no other cars in sight. To think what could have happened was scary.
     I learned my lesson. Don't ignore the wisdom that is right before you, and don't add Scripture to it to justify what you do. I am reminded of when satan tempted Jesus, and told Him that if he would just jump off the temple, the angels would catch Him, using a Scripture too!!! Not a good thing to do!!! So many times, when we want to do something, we block our ears to God, and go about our "merry" way, like I did.
     I'm thankful that we have a merciful God who teaches us safe lessons sometimes, instead of "zaps"  us from the get-go. In fact, He gives us many chances to "turn" to Him and His wisdom before peril comes upon us. He doesn't want to hurt us, but if we insist on our own way forever, consequences will happen, and sometimes they are irreparable. We do reap what we sow, and God is not mocked, if we continue to ignore Him, and the Wisdom He gives to spare us troubles of all kinds.
     I have a little plaque in my bedroom that says, "Be quiet and hear the  still small voice of God." His words are whispers of love wanting to save and protect us. LISTEN.


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