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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

His Ways Are Not Our Ways

     Whenever a person has a problem coping with another person's beliefs, mannerisms, and aberrant behaviors (and this can range from slight disturbances to evil) and they want to keep a relationship with that person, they must come up with a way to deal with them. If the situation is severe, it would be advisable to get alone with God to seek Him for how they are to cope in a good way.
     Many times, others "trip our switch" with their behavior, and we act out of the flesh and cause injury to ourselves, others, and our relationship with them. And we don't want to do that; we want to walk in the Spirit, so we need some strategy that God is pleased to show us when we ask.
     Sometimes, God directs someone to cut off the relationship for a short period of time, or even permanently, especially if one or both person's have so many issues that they cause destructiveness in the souls of each other. If God directs someone to leave temporarily, it could possibly be for the purpose of healing their soul wounds, so they can become more whole. Then when they are in a better place, they can begin to handle conflict in the Spirit, and not be so tempted to "shoot from the flesh," and reestablish the relationship.
     "Walking in newness of life" comes out of the healing touch of God on the inside of us. To think that "becoming Christ-like" is a piece of cake as we relate to others is a mistake.  He is "making all things new", and for that to happen inside of us, our flesh is subjected to the grave which is a slow and painful dying process. When we face this fact, and accept it, we won't resist God, but instead will rejoice to know His purposes and plans are being done in us, and so we persevere.


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