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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Hood-winked by Works

     Teaching Scripture in error can wreck havoc in a person's life, and block Christ from one's view. Let me explain.
     There is someone in our family presently that believes the parable of the talents  means that when Jesus comes back, he must have made interest on his money, or he will go to hell. He said that yesterday, and plans to have someone invest his money so that he can make interest on it.
     The horrific travesty of it all is that if he thinks he can "earn his way to heaven" with his interest, then he hasn't truly received the finished work of the cross through the death of Jesus on his behalf, which means that he will go to hell. How dark is that darkness!
     Maybe no one has ever told him that it is by grace through faith that he is saved, or in believing that Jesus' sacrifice is enough for him. This is the pure Gospel.
     Since this man is 96 years old now, and time is obviously running out prayers for his eyes to be opened will go up from the other members of our family who have truly received Jesus. And, as led by the Spirit, we will probably have someone talk to him and present the Gospel to him; a free gift and nothing we can do to earn it.
     So, false teaching is nothing to take lightly. In this case a person thinks he needs to earn his way to heaven, and in doing so, pushes away the gift of God unknowingly. So, so sad. Pray with us for this man please.


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