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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Have Your Way, Holy Spirit

     I'm gaining more understanding of the importance of, and the "mechanics" of meeting with the Body of Christ in fellowship, around our Head. Recently, I have begun to see, by way of the Holy Spirit, that to "successfully" meet together in the peace and harmony He desires, is to "let the Spirit" have it's way through each member. Only in this way, with Him through us, can true unity occur. Even if only one member yields to Him in this way, still His peace can flow. I am reminded of yet another quote from John W. Kennedy's book, The Torch of the Testimony, which God used to open my eyes to this truth. He says, when referring to the beliefs of Spener, a believer from the 17th century in Germany:

"Spener minimized the importance of formal creed and dogmas in order to return to the direct authority of the Scriptures. He stressed the vital importance of a spiritual experience, and said that where there was true life in the Spirit, intellectual differences in interpretation would look after themselves." pg. 189-190.

     For many years now, I have been bothered with the many different beliefs in the Body of Christ. My beliefs, which I had received by the Holy Spirit through His Word, I felt were truth and that God wanted me to "contend for the faith" by speaking up if someone else had and espoused, what I truly believed,  were false doctrines. So, with that in mind, I didn't understand how the Body could meet in peace with each other. It seemed like everyone held so many different, and conflicting beliefs.
     Now, I am seeing that as I "let the Spirit" have it's way, He will move among us and take care of all of that over time, and that it is His "job" and not mine to move among us and bridge the gaps.  While it is true, that He may have me speak up, as we gather, and He does, it has to be Him speaking through me, and not me alone for the unity to be maintained. That doesn't mean other people will not get angry or offended or even cause dissension themselves, as they may not be yielded to Him, as we meet, but it does mean, that, as I continue to be yielded to His Spirit, I have allowed Him to flow through me, which is His will, and the unity between myself and God is maintained, and I believe, it will be contagious, or atleast has the potential to be.
     Also, I am seeing the warmth and love that happens whenever a fellowship meets as each one remains connected to Christ and not to a man. I experienced this many years ago when a group of believers gathered early in the morning in a hotel room to pray. We were there to attend a Christian conference for farmers. At that time, many farmers were in need, and so we easily identified with each other's struggles. First, someone would share a Scripture or something the Lord had shown them. It was so quiet and sacred, as we knew and honored that He was among us. Then someone may spontaneously sing a sweet song, and if the others knew it, they would join in. Then someone may ask for prayer requests, and we would spontaneously pray. A few times someone was carrying such a great load that they would begin to share in trust, and the others would show love and care by either holding a hand, or just by listening with their heart. The Holy Spirit was moving through the surrendered souls of those gathered, and it was Him that had His way and ministered to each one with His love and compassion. It was so rich and fulfilling.
     I miss this kind of gathering in His name, and I am getting a deep desire and drawing by Him to be with my brothers and sisters in Christ so that He can have His way among us, and minister to us, as is His will.


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