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Monday, March 03, 2014

Which Way to Turn?

          Which Jesus is the "right" one? While most people proclaim that God is a God of love, and He is, there seems to be at least two camps in defining what His love looks like. One camp seems to overlook the Word telling us that if He loves us, He will discipline us, while the other one accepts it. The first one believes His love wants to prosper us in everyway, and the other one believes that it is through suffering that our obedience is taught, as Jesus' was.  I have been exposed to both of these belief systems, and it is to the latter one, that I lean.
     The hard sayings and truths of Jesus caused many in His day and in ours, to leave Him, all the while thinking they have found Him. They've just reinvented Him to make Him who they have wanted Him to be, instead of seeking who He really is.
     There is a maze of beliefs in the Christian world that one must let God resolve within themselves. He does this in many different ways, but woe, to us, if we resolve the dilemmas by making His Words say what we want them to, or even if we adopt "what we have been programmed to believe" in our own "denominations" and don't question that with the check of the Holy Spirit. We do, don't we, want the truth, and that truth only is from His heart and mind, of what He means by His own Words? So, we ask Him to "lead us into all truth" (and He will, if He knows we are sincere)  which will result in peace when He reveals them to us. They will set us free  from confusion, fear, and double mindedness.


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