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Sunday, March 09, 2014

The Enemy's Voice versus God's Voice

     What are some of the unwritten false beliefs in your head concerning your relationship with God? We have them, you know.
     One that popped into my head this morning was "God should be the first One you think about in the morning." Well, the first thing I thought about was getting my cup of coffee, then it was off to the internet to see how much it would cost to get a refund from an airline ticket we purchased. Now, let's go to FB and write a comment, and watch a video on walk dancing. Then I realized I needed to get off of it quickly or I may spend too much time there, thinking it could become another habit I would need to break. Then I came to my blog to write, and that is when the nagging belief I still had in me popped into my consciousness. It was a "belief" that was planted by the enemy years ago, to try and make me prove my dedication to the Lord.
     If we have suffered with perfectionism before coming to the Lord, that same thing will try and invade our relationship with Him in various forms. It is a voice that comes to condemn, telling you things you "should" and "should not" do. If it's the enemy speaking in your head, he raises the bar, to where you never measure up, while loving the guilt and fear he puts you through.
     When we are aware of his devices, we can then cast off these accusations as part of our inheritance according the Isaiah 54:17. It says, "every tongue that rises against you in judgment, you shall condemn."
     As I grow and mature in Him, I am learning that His voice is not one of condemnation or accusation, but comes quietly and lovingly to point out things that are not in line with His will, so that I can bring them to Him. The enemy, however, just likes to point the finger and wants us to feel guilty with no remedy but our own strength, which he knows will fail without God. In fact, many times, he wants to cause us to "double our efforts" to prove something.
     In my case, he tries to work on me in the area of following the Lord's will "perfectly." But, God is delivering me of perfectionism, and it is sooner and sooner that I catch the enemy before he catches me, and go on in confidence that the Lord is my strength and my shield, ignoring the "conditions" he puts on me. Instead I embrace even more the unconditional love of my Father and rest in that, and my peace returns. Selah.


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