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Saturday, March 21, 2009

It's safe on the Beach!

I'm at the beach, standing by my car. When I look around, most of the people have chosen to go swimming, although there are still some on the beach. The ones on the beach are looking out to sea, trying to coax the swimmers to come back before it's too late, but the swimmers don't see or hear them. They are too far out, the sound of the waves is interfering with their hearing, and they have been slowly pulled by the undertow and they don't even know it.

The swimmers don't understand why the onlookers won't come and swim. It's so much fun and liberating, they think, not realizing the danger of the undertow.

The beach is the Truth. (or Jesus) The ones standing on the beach are lovers of the truth. The ocean is the world. The undertow contains all the lies and enticements of the enemy. The swimmers have compromised the truth for the lies, which they think is just fun and freedom. In reality, it is the lust of their flesh being fulfilled, and false freedom.( or bondage) If they don't come out soon, they will drown.


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