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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Father and the Son

Looking into the relationship of our Father with His Son is an awe-inspiring wonder! As he reveals to us a glimpse for us to behold, we see something that is not only between the two of them, but is available to us also. This same love, this same glory, this same honor, this same respect, this same confidence and security, and this same value is meant to be flowing from our Father to us, as we are in the Son. Can you see this, brother? Can you see this, sister? Gender doesn't matter. We are in the Son.
This relationship can fill everything in us which we have desired. He is well-pleased with us, as we are in the Son. He values us with the highest regard. We are in the Son. The Son has satisfied His Father completely as He fulfilled the righteous requirements of the law in our stead, so He is well-pleased with us in the Son.
This relationship is ever going on, in and through us , as the Son is in us. It is by faith that we know it is so. As our own crucifixion takes place more and more, we will, in experience, participate in this very rich and satisfying relationship with our Father, through the Son and by the Son and because of the Son. It is a relationship like none we''ve ever known. It is life, and love, and truth!! It is pure and refreshing and sustaining!! It is never-ending and never disappointing!! It produces good things in us!!! And it pleases our Father, for He is pleased with His Son's willing obedience to carry out His most Holy Will on His earth mission. As a result, He is pleased with us, for we are in the Son.
Desire to die, for in that all struggle is gone, and new life, in the Son, with the Father will come forth in you and through you.


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