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Monday, March 24, 2008

The Call to Return

Distraught over what I was seeing the enemy doing to those around me and through a dream about the same, I turned to the Lord. He, in turn, led me to His Word, showing me what to pray over the situation. And then I did that, placing them in His Hands. And I got through it.
Do you know believers who have strayed from their former position in the Lord, and have you, grieved for them, tempted to be consumed by hopelessness, too? Have you stood by watching as the enemy has attacked their weaknesses, causing them to compromise their dedication to the Lord and His ways of purity and holiness? And, yet, they have remained blind to it?
I share with you the prayer the Lord has shown me to pray on their behalf. If it stirs your spirit, maybe you'd like to pray it too:
(Taken from Zechariah 2)

Rouse yourself from your Holy Dwelling, Lord. Come and live among them once again. Help them hear your call to escape from Babylon (the world and it's way, hopes and beliefs) and return to You, for they are Yours, Lord-the apple of your eye. Restore them to yourself and be their glory. Be a wall of fire around them to protect them from being plundered again. Let those who steal, steal no more. Thank you Lord.

Of course, in many cases, acknowledgement of sin and repentance will be needed to cause blind eyes to see again. But only with the Lord's help can this happen.


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