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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Choose You This Day

The allurements, values, and accouterments of the world system (or Babylon) are what the prostitute offers as she stands on the street corner with her "wares", attempting to entice souls away from God so that they will commit adultery with her against Him. Some of these "wares" include money, power, beauty, popularity, position (pride of life). Also, every lust of the flesh which encompasses doing what you want to do, going where you want to go, listening to what you want to listen to, celebrating what you want to celebrate, and believing what you want to believe. (She comes with doctrines, too.) Then there is the lust of the eyes, described as setting unclean things before your eyes, or even being enamored or drawn to someone or something because it is attractive on the outside. This could even include an attractive personality, or what appears to be kindness, which is how the enemy often comes to the undiscerning heart.
Of course, she comes with a seducing spirit which makes it direct appeal to the flesh of man, (what we want within ourselves) but it ultimately will bring spiritual death, in all cases.
Read about her in Rev. 17, and what happens to her and her followers in Rev. 18.

God's timeline is getting short now. Who are you going to serve? What do you really want, the prostitute (the world) or the Lord? A bowl of pottage or our inheritance in Jesus Christ?


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