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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Truth Shall Set You Free

Why so many different "perspectives" on the truths of God? One of the major explanations is that many, if not most, don't want, and therefore, don't seek God's perspective, which is the absolute Truth. To put it another way, God's way is right-period!!!! This includes His own interpretation of His Word. If one seeks God's perspective, he will find God's perspective. If one seeks man's perspective, (his own or someone else's) there are as many of those as there are men willing to give theirs. Then someone can "pick" the one they like the best. Only problem with that is the buffet of man's perspectives (or interpretations of the Word or teachings) are false which is darkness.
Some teachers, however, who themselves have sought the heart of God, teach sound doctrine. There is also a danger here, though, and that is when people who have received solid teaching, as confirmed by the Spirit, begin to believe that everything that particular person says or writes is true, then they will begin to set up idolatry towards a man, and can get further and further from the source of Truth-God Himself. Every true teacher of God will hold himself accountable to God in what he teaches, but he also is human and is not fully developed in God, so everything still must be checked by the Spirit that is within each one of us. It is part of the checks and balances God provides for His children, to keep them out of harm's way of deception.

If we honestly love the truth, accepting the fact that what is true or real can only be defined by God Himself, than He will be faithful to lead us into all truth. If deep down inside, we really just want our own way, which appeals to our flesh, we will not have that protection, and will be in darkness, even though we think we are in the light. Scary, huh?

Let's ask God to show us any desires we might have which are self-deceptive, and to cleanse us from them. Only He really knows us in truth in our innermost parts, so it is to Him we must make our appeal, and trust Him to do it-even though we don't like what He shows us.


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