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Tuesday, August 09, 2016

The Window Awaits

     I think I have held onto something too long. I had thought it was the Lord's will that I continue making connections with certain people and, indeed, I had done that for about 20 years now. But now that I am getting closer to thinking I'm hearing the Lord say "let go" I am wondering if He's been saying that for sometime now, and for some reasons deep within me, perhaps I had not wanted to hear what He had to say, because it may have been connected to my emotional well-being, or so I thought.
     How much of what we believe is the Lord's direction and counsel really is and how much of it is what we really want to happen/not happen anyway? With our excuses and justifications tucked safely, deep inside of us (even outside of our own view) we seem to have confidence in what we believe we are hearing Him say, when actually it all has been filtered through our own fleshly desires all along. I'm sobered, humbled, and mortified at the thought.
     Today I thought I heard Him saying, "Put it in the rearview mirror." In other words, He was saying (I think) to let these relationships go, and trust Him with what He has for provided for me in their place.
     Have you heard the saying, "when God closes a door, He opens a window, but it's hell in the hallway"? Well, I think the hell comes from our own will holding onto the door with one hand, and stretching for the window with the other. It hurts to do that!!!
      It takes extreme trust to open ourselves up to hear Him, on one hand and to let go of the door on the other hand. Then we can walk safely and expectedly in the hallway, as we view the window opened, beckoning us to "come and see" what the Lord has in store for us. It sure does save us from a few pulled muscles along the way.


  • At 8/13/2016 6:26 PM , Blogger Marshall said...

    since the 1980s, I've known faithful people who soon enough sailed-away in the 'rear view mirror', and to wonder when the exodus would end or my turn would come. those who discipled me the Love of Christ, long since departing for far-flung countries. He may as-well be preparing you for journey, sister.

  • At 8/14/2016 10:08 AM , Blogger Patti Blount said...

    Right, and how can I go unless I let go of the door, and what that represents?


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