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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Where Do We Go from Here, Lord?

In this hour, I can't see the Body of Christ here in America. What I see is a country within a country (people who call themselves His in America) indwelt in compromise and integration into the culture because of the widespread plague of the prosperity gospel, which propogates both living in the Kingdom, while heaping it on themselves with the world's accruements. So, deception is thick. The cross of Christ, and our own crucifixion, no one wants to hear anymore. I am grieved at what I see, and can only see it because I haven't joined in with the immense self-gratification resulting from heaping it on oneself, and this only by God's grace. I am almost distraught at the fractured Body of Christ. As far as "making disciples"-how can His Body do this if they are so caught up in their own self centered world? They can't. As far as what I am doing personally, I keep my antennae up and respond when I hear Him telling me to, but the ones who are receptive to Him and the things of His Kingdom are fewer and farther between. Even those who once had discernment, are loosing it, as they've tasted of the world more and more. It is almost as if the "die has been cast," with no turning back. That is what I am sensing currently. So, even our prayers for others to come back, seem to fall to the ground, becasue of what He knows and what time it is in His divine plan. So, what I am asking Him for is His picture of His Body in America for this hour. Will He call us out to other nations, to "make disciples?" America has been soaked with the truth of God, through Jesus Christ, and it seems many, who once were His, have opted for Mammon, or the riches and things of this world, which He clearly tells us we have to choose one or the other. I can barely cope seeing what I see, and knowing what was His Body (if they ever truly were?) is so fractured. I am looking forward to God answering us who have "come out from among them" (and not just the IC, because many of those, too have latched onto the prosperity gospel; means the culture, too) and see what He tells us for this hour. That is what I am seeking Him for. I want to be in His vision.

P.S.-The above was an email I wrote to 7 people who have agreed to join me every Friday night to ask God for His vision of His Body, ecclesia, or Bride. What does He see for us in America when so many have fallen by the wayside? If there are any who read this in America, or from any place in the world, who would like to join us, please email me at so I can send you correspondence from what the others share.  We would love for the worldwide Body of Christ to support us in this, and if there are any comments to share, would love to hear them. These are trying times for His family with great persecution happening, and with ambivalence and cares of this world and pleasures, too, sucking in so many here in America. 


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