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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Many Loaves; One Body

    " Take and eat; this is my Body given for you"-When Jesus offered the physical loaf to His disciples at Passover many years ago, was there something else He was saying through it? He had said earlier that He was the Bread of Life, and at the supper He was calling bread His Body. Many who had followed Him were repulsed when He told them to eat of Him and to drink of Him.
     In all of this, I can see that the hidden spiritual meaning was what He was and is referring to. He is saying something to us, His Body, through it. Christ is in us, and He desires to be expressed through us to the world. As we, His Body, recognize and succumb to the fact that we died with Him, and go through that process, He comes alive in us. Progressively, the manifested Christ, is offered as Bread or Life through us. As others eat of Him through us, new Life will be imparted to them. The food, which is Christ, is the only Life-giving and Life-Sustaining food there is.
     The question becomes then-Will we die with Him, or not? If not, the only food we have for the world, may look good on the outside, but with no nutritional value. In fact, it will bring death and not life. Within ourselves, He said, there is no good thing. His desire is that the Body He offers to the world, has been fortified by His Presence, causing all darkness to flee. We are that enriched Body, if we allow ourselves to die, so that He might fill all in all in us.


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