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Friday, March 07, 2014

Pure Motivation for Obedience

     When I was under the tutelage of my parents growing up, I lived in a rule-based environment, with a lot of "should" and "should-nots." Don't get me wrong, I believe in disciplining children, but if the subliminal goal is that they will always do everything perfect, and that is communicated to them, than it can become oppressive and anxiety-producing to the sensitive child. That was me.
     I learned early about the many boundary lines I could not cross when scorn was given to me whenever I did, so I became compliant, and tried to follow the rules the best I could. When I got older, I told my mother that the only reason I obeyed was so that I wouldn't get in trouble. She said that was wise.
     Wise it might have been, but living in an atmosphere of scorn, did it's damage  on the inside of me. What it also did was trained me to obey to self-protect, and this transferred to my relationship with God.
     As I am growing in Christ, and He has dressed my wounds, and renewed my mind progressively, my trust in Him for who He is has grown, and I am seeing that out of the love He has for me, and the resultant love I have for Him, I WANT to follow His Will. That puts a whole new angle on obedience, and one that is more in line with His heart's desire for us, His children.
     It is such a delight to want what He wants out of love for Him, than to just "do it" from fear of punishment, or sheer duty. Only He can work that sort of change on the inside of a person. Obedience flows out of love, and this motivation is a blessed offering unto Him, and a joyful response for what He's done for us.


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