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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Saving a Whole Family

     I am currently working on making a booklet on Our Family Testimony. I will take it to a conference in March that my son is speaking at, and will make it available at no cost to those who attend.
     It tells about the marvelous grace that God poured out on our family. He came to me first back in 1990. From that point on, I was given the assignment to pray that He would rescue the other family members from darkness, which He subsequently did, over a period of 11 years.
     For about the first 6 years, it seemed like nothing was happening, but He had given me a promise, "You will be saved, you and your whole household" that I held onto, and waited for Him to perform. Finally, after many trials and much turmoil, in 1996, my daughter was saved, then my husband, then one of my sons, and then the other.
     I wrote the booklet for 2 reasons: to encourage other people's faith, that God can, and will do the same for their families as they trust Him for it, and to leave a written legacy for my families' future generations, so they can know what God did when he translated us out of the kingdom of darkness, into the Kingdom of His dear Son.
     One thing I found out, though, about sharing my testimony through the years is that women start comparing what God did in our family, look at their own, and get jealous. Instead, I had hoped that women could "take hope" in what God did in ours and to not  despair for their own, but rather have renewed faith in His willingness and ability to restore all things in their family too.
     If people believe God wants to, and therefore will save each member of their family as they put their trust in Him to do it, our testimony can be a picture of that reality, encouraging them on in their faith.
     If anyone would like one of these booklets, I will send you one. (They aren't printed yet, so it might take a month or so.) Please contact me at 


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