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Monday, September 02, 2013

Who Do You Say That I Am?

     I had not realized the vulnerable position that I was in concerning my beliefs about Christ, until false heresies presented themselves to me. It was then, about 6 years ago, that the weaknesses that I had were played on by satan to try and persuade me that He was something less than who He truly is. Looking back, I can now see that I was not sure about what I had thought I was sure of in the area of knowing Christ as He is, and how much I had just adopted in my mind many things I had been taught as my own without truly being sure. The battle I've been in all of this time, caused so much turmoil and confusion, I didn't know if I'd ever see the light of day.
     But, like the Daystar, as He is, He arose in my sight, testifying to His own self, and I saw Him in the light that He truly and surely is. And what a relief that has been.
     I wanted to know Him as He is, and not how I thought He is, (if those beliefs were wrong) or how others were telling me He is. I didn't ever doubt that He is the Son of God, and I believed and knew He is the same person as God, but to know Him in all of His ways, I wasn't sure.
     The belief system that presented itself to me is one that focuses on the Grace-giver that He is, at the exclusion of the other things He is. It isolates one aspect of Him, separating or dividing Him, so to speak instead of accepting the wholeness of who He is. So, when we use a part to explain the whole, it presents a deformed picture of Him and highly misrepresents Him. This picture of Him can sway believers, if they believe what is being told them, to fall greatly! It can actually cause them to leave God altogether.
     I am so grateful to God for "battling for me" in this intense, and fearful assault, and for showing me the truth. I am now settled with who He is. He is the same Christ that I thought He was, but now I am sure. The truth did prevail against what man has created Him to be.
     Who do you say that I am? Jesus asked His disciples, and still does today. This is so important to know and be solid in, because if you are not, you may "open your mind" and let the enemy present Him to you in his form,  in such a way that could lead you grossly astray and even blind you to the truth of who is Him, thinking all the while, you have discovered Him.



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