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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Restoration Now!

     Could it be true that we aren't healed or made whole because there are things in us (blockages) which we are holding onto, consciously or unconsciously, which are preventing that from happening? I put forth this possibility to all of us today. God says, "Today is the day of salvation," and salvation means so much more than "believing in Jesus so that you can go to heaven when you die." It means total wholeness also.
     If this is so, than we need the searchlight of the Holy Spirit to reveal those hindrances to us. As we believe Him for wholeness and that He wants us and everyone of the face of this planet to be made whole, He will then show us the things in us which are preventing our healing from happening. They can come in the form of unforgiveness (a big one), jealousies, false beliefs, or any number of things. Whatever they are, we have held onto them for reasons that all lead back to not trusting and not acknowledging all that God is, and wanting to handle things ourselves. But this handling or managing of ourselves has led to our own needless suffering. Even so, they have filled some kind of sick need we have, and we like it like that.(Again, subconsciously) Oh, our hearts are deceitfully wicked! What man can know it?
     There is a good kind of suffering and a bad kind. The good kind is in believing God's truth, and the subsequent death of self that follows. The bad kind is when we try to manage our own lives, with our blockages fully intact. It can't be done smoothly, that's for sure. It is like trying to wrestle with God; our will against His. Need a hint on who will win, and who will suffer needlessly? I think I'm getting the picture.
     Two weeks ago I would not, and probably did not believe that I could delay the restoration He wanted to happen in me. Now, though it seems like I've been relishing in the process, not believing that I could be the one who was forestalling and dragging it out. I am beginning to see that my resistance, on whatever level, is the exact thing that has been stopping God's plan. With being open to acknowledging who God is in His fullness, and what His plan is for complete restoration for every human being and responding to them in that way, will cause an extreme makeover in a very short period of time. I don't have to spend anymore time in the wilderness, and I can cross over into the promised land. And so can you. If the desire is truly there, then you will believe the truth and the rest is history as He works out His plan in you, through you, and ultimately to the world.



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