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Monday, January 21, 2013

Releasing the Warrior Within

     Two new countries checked in to the blog: Belarus and Taiwan! God loves you unconditionally, and if you don't know His first born Son, Jesus Christ, He truly wants you to, so that you can be reunited with Him, your Creator. Call out to Him and He will hear and draw near.

     Was thinking the other day that either we as God's sheep are facing a battle, in a battle, or on the other side of the battle. Those that don't acknowledge that there is an enemy or that we are in a war, have to come up with false explanations as to why certain things happen in life. I have come to understand that much of the turmoil in my life has to do with the fact that my mind is being attacked by the enemy with suspicious or fearful thoughts and I have accepted them as my own, instead of resisting them and casting them out. This is the battle I am talking about.
     When we recognize who is trying to do this to us, and take up our weapons, the battle usually doesn't end there. In fact, it will persist for awhile. The enemy will try and make you give into those fears and suspicions so that you will take action. Above all, he trys to make you take matters into your own hands (trust in your flesh to handle it) instead of standing on the shed blood of Jesus Christ; the blood that destroyed his power and the blood that gave us victory over him. This is the victory that overcomes the world; even our faith. In other words, by our belief and understanding of what happened on that cross, lies the final outcome of any battle as victorious.
     I was engaged in such a battle yesterday. It didn't last long, but longer than I wanted it too. The Lord had shown me something in the spirit, which I expressed to someone as a warning. They did not acknowledge it, or if they did, they did not take action against it ,which they could have done. So, I went into battle on their behalf. In doing so, the enemy was attacking my own mind at the same time. So, as I was interceeded for them, he was attacking me in the process, and God showed me that happens sometimes.  It is like people who have the gift of casting out demons; they get attacked also.
     But, I persisted, knowing that His shed blood had already destroyed the enemy's power, and that he would eventually go away defeated. I would know when he was gone when the storm in my soul was calmed. So, in about 30-45 minutes the storm had passed.
     Alot of the times, people give into the battle, and let their emotions  and will take over, which is exactly what the enemy wants us to do. I have done this numerous times, and it could be said that "he wins" when we do. But, God uses it to instruct us for future battles, if we will hear Him and heed his voice. Again, as I've said in everything else concerming our walk with Him, it is only by the power of the Holy Spirit that we can do battle at all, and it's only through His finished work on the cross that we can expect victory. But, if we do expect to win the battles, we have to know this for a fact.
     What do people do who don't acknowledge or recognize the enemy when he comes and.  attacks? Does he just go away? No, the word says for us to resist the enemy, and he will flee from us. So, if we don't resist him, it is as if we are laying down, opening ourselves up to him and letting him have his way in our lives., and he is able then to chip away at our confidence in Jesus and bring us needless pain and suffering, and, perhaps, gradual destruction.
     What might this look like in a real life situation? Let's say that a person has company at their house. This person is in the other room, when all of a sudden, they hear someone raising their voice very loudly. They listen and realize someone is getting angry at  someone else, and they begin to get afraid. Because they don't believe or are not aware of satan's devices or schemes, they immediately respond in their own willpower and go into the other room where the commotion is going on, and try and take matters into their own hands. They blurt out, "what is going on here?" with anger in their voice, motivated by fear, then they try and take control. They point to the door and say angrily, "get out of my house, and never come back!" The other person already angry, his pride is strengthened, he  retaliates and things escalate, and who knows what would happen next.
     Instead of the above, if someone did recognize the fear the enemy was trying to bring into the situation, they might be led to, first of all plead the blood of Jesus before they went back into the room, and then by being tuned into the Holy Spirit's leading, would respond entirely differently. Knowing nothing bad was going to happen, they may calmly say, "Does anyone need help here?" This in itself would probably diffuse the situation, as the one who was angry would be embarrased for what he had done. After a small silence by everyone present, the person then could be led to say, "Can I get anyone something to drink?" which would shift the attention towards something else instead of focusing on the scheme of satan, which wanted to take center stage, causing destruction. I'm just imagining here what might happen if one recognizes the enemy in a situation, stands on the shed blood of Jesus Christ, and tunes into the Spirit to take control. In this way, God is fighting against the enemy, instead of our flesh which is bound to lose the battle.
     A third scenario might involve someone who doesn't even know about the enemy's devices and does nothing. What might this look like? They hear the angry outburst from the other room, and then sheepishly slip back into the room. They take their seat, and just look around not knowing what to do. They aren't seeking God's direction, but are just letting things take their course. Well, because the enemy is having free reign, the angry person stands up, pushes over a piece of furniture, causing further fear among the people present. By this time, fear is in control of all, and the enemy is controlling the angry person. Satan is satisfied at his dominant position, and so he goes even further by causing the person to scream obscenities at everyone, and have him throw a real tyraid. Finally the man storms out of the house, slamming the door as he goes, while everyone sits there in stunned and fearful silence. As he gets in his car, they all hear his tires screeching and going so fast they fear he will crash and hurt someone else as he goes. They had never seen that kind of rage before, and they wonder what happened, and all the while it could have been prevented if someone had gone to battle and had overcome by the blood of the Lamb.
     Are we willing to fight against the enemy when he presents his ugly head in our or someone else's life? We must unless we want him to have his way, causing further and further destruction. We have a Kingdom to protect and a Body! Jesus, our King, won it for us, and we, by His power and Spirit, must protect and keep it. "The Kingdom of God suffers violence, and the violent take it by force." -Matt. 11:12.


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