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Monday, January 14, 2013

His Accomplishments!

     "A ministry of one and an audience of One"-these phrases describe my life right now. "A ministry of one" is about how God is changing me by restoring my soul, and how first of all, He is wanting that to affect primarily my relationship with my husband. "An audience of One" refers to the awareness that it is God's "looking on" my life that truly matters most.
     I have found myself fighting this most of my life, defaulting to my natural reasoning which tells me THAT'S NOT ENOUGH! Looking around at the world and how others "do life" I see accomplishment and enjoying "the good life" as factors which seem to define "doing it right," even according to what God means by "the abundant life." I've wondered about that often.
     Everytime I try to step out and "do" what I feel God is showing me to do, He brings me back to looking first at my marriage relationship, reminding me of that old principle that "charity begins at home." I remember reading about some of the greats of old, going out to save the world, but leaving their marriages and families in disarray and neglect to do it.
     Not to say that people aren't called by God and that they don't have a destiny, but only that I believe He has an order to it. My son was stating such the other night, as he was preparing to go to Thailand with his oldest child to help a missionary family there. This worked for them because he had already learned to put his family first, and everyone was on board with them going.
     So, daily I will let God work in me, knowing that working is enriching the relationship with my husband. What a better ministry really than to be used to reflect the Bride's relationship with Christ, which is the result of this working, by submitting unto Him. And to know that it is Him watching as I go, and is approving of that which He is directing me in, and that it is enough!!!
      And what have I accomplished by doing that? Oh, not what have I accomplished, but what has He accomplished through me? Now, that is the question. It's really a matter of not me, but Him anyway. He just wants us to yield to what He wants to do with us.


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