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Monday, January 07, 2013

And Compel Them to Come In

     I thought I could be satisfied with my life by just writing my blog and having that be my contribution to the Kingdom of God. I lied to myself. I had thought that "should" be enough, so I pretended that it was enough, but it's not.
     Something has been inside of me ever since I first came to the Lord desiring to serve Him by sharing the Gospel where I live, and for that to be the focus of my life until the day I die. How does one do that in America today? It seems that everyone is about their own business of making money, spending it on things or entertainment, trying to look good, and accomplishing more and more. It seems like a false world to me. I've always felt foreign to it.
     I feel called of God to give my life up for the Gospel's sake, as I believe we all have, and I've felt this for a large majority of my adult life, so each new day, it seems is filled with an awareness that I am not doing what I believe the Lord wants me to do.(Someone reminded me recently that "rebeliion is a witchcraft," to which I am aware and that is surely frightening.)
      When He speaks to me personally to do a particular thing that He can use to spread His word, I do it which is all well and good, but I'm talking about a life committed to the spreading of the Gospel here where we live in the highways and byways of the world. To consider it our mission field, and to view ourselves as missionaries, by getting up each day seeking the Lord for His vision, empowerment and assignments on this land instead of just doing our own thing come what may, telling ourselves "all things are spiritual" if we have Him in us, or some other such rationalization to make ourselves feel good about what we are continuing to do by just living our own lives.
     "Go ye" won't go away. I was there in spirit when the Lord ascended into heaven, and spoke these words, weren't you? He was speaking them to me and you and all His disciples, not just the ones who were physically there, but the ones who were to come, too.  And sharing Him and His saving grace is the most you can give to another human being because it is everything. He is everything.
     So, that's where I am. I'm  a 60 year old married woman. (I keep telling the Lord that) Will I do it? Lord, please help me know what to do, and how to do it. You have put this desire in me; move on me to do your Will, and give me the courage. Give me your courage. Help me see the next step. Let the world know you have come. Use this vessel for that purpose. Don't let me deny You.



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