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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Being Blessed

     I have often felt bad about the fact that I haven't seemed thankful "enough" for what God has provided me with, and now I am beginning to understand why. First off, I'd like to list some of those things. I have a husband that has always worked hard, I have always had a house to call my own, a car, food, clothes, and a family. These things in my life others have called "blessings" from God.
     Now for the reason why I don't sometimes feel good about having them. It's because as I look around, I see and know of many who don't have what I have. Are they not blessed of God? Why me? I haven't done anything to deserve having these things. Some call that grace, but if that is so, why hasn't God given the poor, the "disadvantaged" grace also? So, in that sense, I suffer from a sort of "survivors guilt," even though I didn't earn what I have, nor deserved it. I am suggesting to redefine the "blessings" of God.
     Looking in the Old Testament, when Abraham had all those cattle and land, he was considered "blessed of God." Again, Solomon, when he gained riches, also "was blessed." Atleast that is what has been said about them. But is that why they were blessed? Wasn't Abraham blessed because of his faith in God, and Solomon because of his asking for wisdom when he could have had anything, which showed his desire to do serve the people in a right fashion, after God's will?
    Jumping to the New Testament, all one sees of blessings are spiritual. Taking Paul as our prime example, he talks about righteouseness, peace and joy being the Kingdom of God, and warning about riches and such. And, Jesus saying that His Kingdom is not of this world, speaks of another realm, and another way of existing and looking at things. The world's way is material; His way is spiritual. If this were not so, persecuted believers around the world if based on their material status and having "things" would not be considered "blessed of God."
     So, am I blessed in those things I listed? Is that God looking down at me and deciding to give me those things? Would I have them if my husband didn't work hard? I will concede that if God did decide to impart material things to me, that He then expects me to ask Him what He would have me do with them, since I am His. I think the Scripture applies which says, "to whom much is given; much is required," and I think that means our material resources also.
     My cousin and I were discussing how in the book of Acts, when the brothers had all things in common, that the Bible says "there was no needy among them." Why? Because they shared their resources with each other, willingly. It's about being with the family of God, and from the heart being moved by the Holy Spirit to give to those around you who you know are in need. The amazing thing is that all of them had this mindset; they were in one accord. My cousin commented that one had to truly be born-again to have this ability. Yes. And be willing to submit to the Spirit of God within, letting His righteousness, compassion, grace and love flow through you to others. Below is a "picture" of what that might look like:



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