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Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Call to Spiritual War! Will you Answer?

     Here's the deal-I love truth. I love the truth. I despise lies and lying, and that gets me in trouble. I love clarity. I hate obscurity.
     How does loving the truth get me in trouble? Well, my push for it sometimes makes others feel uncomfortable. Some think it better to pretend all is well, and ignore something that just doesn't feel right between people instead of getting to the bottom of it. Of course, I know there is only so far you can go in this pursuit, especially if someone is lying. And if they are lying about "what happened" then there usually is a lying spirit behind it all. And one doesn't sit down at the table, so to speak, with a demon. He'll lie his way out of it, and turn the tables on you. How that manipulating, lying spirit makes someone feel guilty when they are not, I'll never know. I guess it's his craftiness. I have experienced this reaction, so it is a very precarious and slippery slope to climb when dealing with deception. Each step must be calculated by the Holy Spirit, as only He knows the bottom line truth in people's hearts.
     I have 2 situations before me that the Holy Spirit has told me involves much deception. I want to be able to hear him clearly and respond how He directs me. I feel if I do, the deception will be revealed, or atleast diffused. As God desires truth in the inward parts, He is using His searchlight in me to point out those things which haven't been honest, and is telling me what to do about them. Likewise, He is presenting me with others' deceptions, and wanting me to listen to His counsel about that too. How to respond and when, and what words to use, etc. He has detailed strategies to disarm the enemy in our lives. Being passive and deciding to "drop it" is not always the best policy. There is a war against truth out there, (and in me) and God wants us to conquer the lies in His Name.
     I see a dark tunnel, a cavern in my mind's eye. I see myself picking up a torch, and going in that tunnel. Along the way, I know I will encounter incidents to try and dissuade me from continuing on my conquering quest in His Name. I go forward nonetheless, suffering some wounds and pain. I slay demons as I go, holding out the word of truth; the sword of the Spirit. I finally reach the end of the quest. Is this not what mature sons and daughters do in His Kingdom? Do we shrink back, and let the demons take over, or do we trust in the power of His Name and go forward? Onward, Christian soldiers, I say!!!
     Is is scary? Yes. Do it in fear! Is is worth it? Yes. The victory is His! Is it rewarding? Yes. Our King reigns! Every knee shall bow! Even the demons believe AND TREMBLE!!! Greater is He that is in me than He that is in the world! Amen, fellow soldiers! Contend for the truth and contend for truth. Truth is pure and good and right, and worth fighting for. Amen.

Below is assurance from God's heart to yours and mine as you face the darkness (the lies) in your life. Remember He is in us and He is the light which dispels the darkness. Don't shrink back. Go  forward in His Name.




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