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Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Wisdom of God-It's Massive!!!

The wisdom of God is so much more than what I had previously thought. The other day He gave me a little glimpse of some of what that wisdom is.

I was sitting out back on the rocking chair, looking up at the clouds because we had a chance of rain. It was getting pretty serious because it had been 5 weeks of dry weather, with many days reaching 100 + , which was abnormal in June. Oh, and we are farmers. My husband had done all he could do to help the crops get water, as he had been rigorously irrigating the corn, and the wild pigs were eating and destroying it. He would go there at night and try to catch them in the fields, so he could shoot or dissuade them. I am saying all this to say that the temperatures, both ways, were getting high, and it would seem that due to these extreme circumstances that God would give us a rain. As I sat there pondering all of this, the Lord opened the veil to His wisdom; His sovereign right to decide.

He showed me that He really does know best, and that whatever happened, rain or no rain, it would be right and good, according to His wisdom based on who He is. He is all-knowing and pure and good, and if we but can trust Him more and more, we, too will be at peace with what He decides in our lives.

He showed me, in my mind's eye, a possible example of why He might withold the rain, and it was this: If we got a good, soaking rain and it produced an increased yield which would produce more money (which is how it normally works), than we would go back to India. That is what my husband and I want to do, if the Lord provides the finances, which is usually through our crops. Anyway, He was showing me that, if the rain did come, and we went to India, we would be riding on a train there. We've been to India before, and train travel from one place to another is something we do. He then showed me that, in His foreknowledge, that if the train we would ride on would crash with us in it, that we perhaps would die. Maybe for that reason, He would withhold a rain from us; to save our lives. He was just putting that out there for me, and taking a scenario, which I thought I wanted (for it to rain) to try and show me a possible "why" He may not allow it to rain. He wasn't saying that would or would not happen.

I was so awestruck when He opened this up to me to see how short sighted our vision really is, and how massive and true His wisdom is. It is His perspective, and we can hold confidence in whatever happens, as His statutes and judgments are true, as David states in the Psalms. Even when we don't understand, and especially when we don't understand can we stand in faith believing in Him and in His provision or lack of it (as we usually see it)

He gave me a lesson that day, and it was a wonderful revelation. Not to say that I won't again use my carnal understanding, but I earnestly want to grow into trusting His wisdom for my life, and even begin to see things from His perspective, if He will impart that to me. I can be sure that He can, as He says to ask from Him for wisdom, and He will give it to me liberally. So, the next time, I just don't understand it all, I can rest assured that He does, and He knows what He is doing, and whatever it is, can be trusted.

"Come up here", He says. The view is great! I climb Jacob's ladder, by His grace, to see as He sees. Come and go with me Body of Christ.


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