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Friday, July 03, 2009

I'm Going For It; My Dad is Backing Me Up!!!

As I was making my bed the other day, I became very unsettled, as the words "hard and austere master," dropped in my spirit. I, of course, recognized this verbage as from the KJ version of the Bible from the Parable of the Talents. I knew the Lord was directing me to look it up, as He wanted to enlighten me about something in it.
This description, "a hard and austere man" was given by the man in reference to the master, with the 1 talent (man #3) when the master had come to get from him the increase of that one talent he had given him. Only thing was is that the man did not have an increase because he knew that the master was a "hard and austere man," so he hid the talent, apparently thinking he had done the right thing by doing so which proved not to be the case.
The Lord was trying to show me something personally, but I also think that it might apply to many in His Body. What He revealed to me was this: The man with the 1 talent only perceived that his master was hard and austere. We know that God is not that, for He is long-suffering and full of mercy. (By the way, "austere" means harsh and without much mercy) Under many layers, I too had looked at God that way. I have tried to get everything lined up perfectly with the Scriptures (His will) before I would step out and use what the Lord had put inside of me. In effect, I was hiding my light under a basket by not using or giving to His Body (and Him through that), and as a result, my flame was beginning to go out. Of course, the enemy, took advantage of my spiritual perfectionism, and would routinely, throw out a seeming contradictory "word of God" to me, whenever I entertained using whatever He had put in me, and watch me shrink back to keep me at bay, all the while thinking I was honoring the Lord. Just like the man with the talent, I was afraid that I would do it wrong, (according to God's word, of course) and became paralyzed everywhere I turned. The enemy again took advantage of my fear to further cement my inactivity in sharing what God put in me to benefit His Body.
If you are reacting similarly, the Body is suffering because of your withdrawing whatever God has put in you to benefit others. We all need each other's gifts, and no ones's gifts are any better or more significant than the others, because they are all from God.
I believe God honors us stepping out period. In that way, we are trusting Him for the outcome of Him adding His blessing to it, and it really doesn't have to do with us at all, except for the fact that He asks us to make the investment. And, I believe, when we do that, we too are blessed, as it just feels right and good. Could these be the good works that He has for us to do, established before the foundation of the world: sharing and giving those things He's put in us for the benefit of His Body and the world?
Since then, I have begun to do that. I can't say it's been easy because I've been so used to hiding, but when I do, it really is fulfilling and satisfying. I know that God is blessed also, as I am cooperating with His plans and purposes when I do. And, when the enemy comes and tries to dissuade me through myself or others, I just ignore him. Even if he brings up a verse from Scripture, I am resolved in the fact that I don't understand everything, and that God is a kind a merciful Father, and that He is just happy that I am agreeing to step out there in faith believing in His goodness and that He will make up in the areas that I'm lacking in.
Let's put it this way , "I knew you were a loving and gracious Father, so I felt free to try and knew that You would love and accept me, even if I did mess up." Amen.


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