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Saturday, November 01, 2014

Your Unique Calling

     I am beginning to realize that what God has called me to, may be just for me and a few others, and not for the entire Body of Christ. He has made us so uniquely different, that His Call on our lives are customized to fit with those characteristics He has put in us. He has gifted me with the ability to believe that what He says in His Word is true. I mean really true. Once He enlightens me to His understanding on something, I go for it. Not necessarily on a personal basis, but according to His plans and purposes to advance His Kingdom.
     He is getting me over the loneliness I have had to go through to get me to this point of acceptance. First, I had to accept who He's made me to be, and how He has constructed me, instead of me comparing myself to others who I couldn't relate to because they were so different. I wanted others to endorse what He was showing me as truth so I wouldn't have to go it alone. But now, I realize that I must follow the Lamb wherever He goes on the path He is leading me, and do the things He is showing me, even if no one else goes with me, or even if they don't understand. "The Call" has to be tested in one's life to see if the individual will follow Him at all costs, even if they have to forsake all others, or all others will forsake them in the process.
     When it all comes down to it, it is just us, being Peter, walking on the water with our eyes on Jesus. The question is whether we will look at the waves and go down, or set our face like a flint towards Jerusalem's King, and finish the course.


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