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Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Refining the Call

     When God calls a person, as time goes on, it seems like the focus is narrowed. Like in a camera's eye view, the zoomed framed picture, becomes clearer. At first, one sees a broad vision with a lot of extraneous images in the background, but then He zooms in on the very things He is wanting one to really look at and go after. At least that is how He is doing it for me.
     First I saw "missions", then it was missions in Asian countries, then finally it became the mission He has called me to in India. I still support and pray for people in other nations, as that is my heart, but He is cropping things in the background for me that could cause distraction from what He is really wanting me to see.
     Since India and the people He's connected us to there is in my vision, He is fine-tuning that focus too. It is becoming more about the talents and gifts He's put in me, and opening doors for me to use those in a few cities in that country. He can either expand that for me if He chooses, or He can even make it smaller too.
     When we put our call into His hands, He then can be free to define it for us, as He sees fit, according to His plans and purposes. When that happens, it is interesting how our spiritual vision is expanded again, but now in a new way. We don't feel responsible for all we see, but we know He is and we stand in awe at what He has done, what He will do, and what He will continue to do until His Kingdom comes. And He lets us have a part in that-awesome!!!


  • At 11/19/2014 12:35 PM , Blogger RALPH said...

    Yup. We see through a galss dimly. Yet as he works in us that vision becomes in congruence with his heart. That which is old dies and that which is now takes its place.


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