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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Hunkered Down for His Purposes

     A few days ago, I heard that it was planning to rain today, which is the day that my husband had planned to boil shrimp outside for his father's birthday party. Another advantage of it not raining would be that I could put a few tables outside so the house wouldn't have to be so crowded with 32 people coming.
      My first impulse was to "pray it away," or to ask God to give us sunshine which He is perfectly capable of doing. But I was stopped from doing this on the inside. Instead, the thought occurred to me that He was wanting us to have to make adjustments, and the sense of it had to do with us all being in closed parameters for something He desired to do.
     It seems by my holding back from asking what I wanted to happen, and yielding to His leanings inside me of withholding my prayer in this way, that Christ is taking more ground in me. His desires are rising, while mine are declining, and that's a good thing.
     Because He has shown me this miniscule detail happening, I am awaiting what He will do because we all are under one roof together and not scattered. I believe that when we become "One" with Him, and His desires supplants ours. that we have the advantage of being able to "see" His plans and purposes in ours and others lives. Again, it's a matter of "not my will, but Thine be done." His is always better, richer, more significant, and wondrous than ours will ever be. It's worth denying ourselves.


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