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Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Sentinel Within

     Miracles happen all the time without us even being aware of them. I experienced one yesterday. It was almost imperceptible, but I saw it nonetheless, in my peripheral spiritual vision. With God's dealings that we allow, (the cross) He gives us clearer and clearer sight being able to "see" what we were formerly blind to.
     Let me try and explain: Several threatening things to my soul, had occurred consecutively in a matter of a few minutes, which, in the past would have put me "over the edge." I had the distinct thought that I was going to commit suicide. Even with that thought present in me, "something" dulled my negative feelings, and "controlled" my actions against carrying it out. I knew, as all of this was happening inside of me, that this something, was indeed "Someone."
     As I was experiencing this, a phrase from a hymn came to me: "A Champion comes to fight." As I sat in the balance between life and death, my Champion came to fight the enemy within me. It was not me; it was Him. He brought with Him His victory over sin, death and the devil, and dissipated the strong feelings I was having immediately,  restraining me by His grace.
     I stood in amazement watching this happen, and at the same time, experiencing it. It was as if I was outside of myself, but yet it was happening to me. I am realizing that our Champion, the One who has already won the fight, is ever on vigil alert watching over us; even when we don't call on Him, because He lives in us. When we are even too weak and have given in, He comes to our defense. What a comfort that is! And what a miracle! I stand amazed and immensely loved by His protective Hand.


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