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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Undertow

      It saddens the soul whenever God, with His sword, divides the bond that had once held two people together. Although, I understand that "soul ties" are not healthy, and that these understandably must be broken, I'm speaking of a division that once was a good one, based on both people having the self-same spirit, and mindset concerning the ways of the Lord.
     It's like the one person has drifted out to sea, leaving the other on the shore, never to return, and you know you are going to miss them terribly. More concerning though, is the fact that they are going into deep waters, and will face grave danger there, even if they don't realize it, because there are plenty of people out there to help convince them they are just "having fun" and "enjoying life." What they won't tell them is the cost of being there, in relationship to their walk with God. But you know it.
     I'm referring to being on the narrow path. If a path is narrow, not many can walk on it. The broad path, or the path of destruction, holds many. God tells us that. I believe  a person can begin on the narrow path, and decide (subconsciously or not) to go over to the broad one. With God's mercy and forgiveness available, it is possible, for the person to "come to themselves", and return to the Father's house. The difficulty increases, though, in the amount of time they remain "out to sea," reveling in the world's fun, in it's self-indulgent values, accoutrements, and involvements, as does their ability to see how far they've drifted.
     Maybe that is how God divides with His sword; by the decisions we make. And, He tells us that is why He came. "I came not to bring peace, but a sword." Matt. 10:34-36. Is this the same thing as dividing the tares from the wheat; the sheep from the goats? And does it begin way before we die? In our decisions in life, do we begin to divide ourselves from each other unknowingly, and in doing this, it is inadvertently God's dividing us because in His foreknowledge, He knew whether or not we would "endure to the end, and be saved."?


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