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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ideas as Bread

      I am having thoughts of family, because Thanksgiving is approaching. It's as if our minds are programmed in certain ways at certain times of the year which connects those two things.
      I caught myself imagining having a "cousins day" with my first cousins, but also with distant cousins who I don't really know very well, and for some reason, I am wanting to get to know them better. The fact that we are connected "by blood" and therefore making us family, is motivating me.
     I want to know about their growing up years: where they lived, what they did, if they got together with their other cousins much and if they were close to them-things like that. And, of course, there will be the typical "remember whens."
     I imagine us all sitting around somewhere in a big room, coffee in hand, sharing these things. Am I crazy to think that this really could come about, and that they would be willing to put everything else aside to make room in their life to do this?
      It's these kind of thoughts that discourage me, and often I just forget about things I would like to do without even sharing them. 'Oh well, you're going off on one of your imaginary trails,' I tell myself. Maybe these kinds of thoughts should be discarded in my life, and I should mention it to someone, and see what happens.
      What if this desire of my heart, is something that the Lord has put in there according to His plans, and that He wants to do something with it through me? Now, that puts another slant on things.
     I already have planned on calling my cousin about something else; why not bring this up to him for his reaction? In God's Word it says to "cast our bread upon the waters," (Eccles. 11:1) which actually means giving of our substance, but would it be too much of a stretch, to take it as a principal of giving in any form? Could it also apply to giving away an idea, and not holding it back? If I held it back, I could be depriving others of something God may want to do, as a result of the plan being carried out in reality.
     The Scripture goes on to say that we don't know when something might happen in our own lives (paraphrase) and then we might have a need also, and, if we do, then what we had given may be returned to us many times over at that time. I think the idea here is that we don't have to hoard what God has given us, because God will provide for us if we have needs in the future. It speaks of one's heart of trust towards God, and our resulting actions in giving in any way, shape of form.
     If this is the case, maybe when we have certain ideas, desires, etc. and they have been given to us by God, we should not "hide" them but we should share them and in this way, we cast them on the waters, or give them freely without reservation.  I think I'll do that.



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