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Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Life-Giving Perspective and Response

     I am learning to be grateful whenever the Lord shows me the things yet to be "put to death" in me. What is meant by "put to death"? It happens as a result of the work He's done in me and the effect that has on my ability to make decisions of life, and not of death. In my death state, (before I was born again of the Spirit as I opened my heart up to Christ) I did not have the power to choose life, but now I do. But it is a death process and not a once and for all thing.
     My gratefulness when He reveals my weaknesses, short-comings, and negative sin reactions towards others, is a new perspective that has recently developed in me. In the past, most of my response to this, has been one of disappointment and impatience with myself, which did not produce anything good. It focused on me, instead of on Him and the fact that He was bringing me to perfection, and would complete it.
     Now, my "sometimes" response to Him when He shows me these things, encourages me to stay with it; to stay with Him, knowing for sure that I have not arrived. If I ever thought such a thing, anyway, it would reveal my pride; the very thing that needs to be destroyed.
     "He will perfect the things that concern me," His Word says reassuringly. So, now, I am beginning to respond differently to His showing me the ugliness that is still left in me. I am thankful for this exposing, as I use it  continue to let my mind be renewed, as I read the Word of God and to know what to come to Him with for forgiveness and cleansing, and  to be encouraged by the future promise that He is and will transforming me. Halleluia!!!


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