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Friday, March 01, 2013

Stay-Don't Run

     Being "in Christ" is a mysterious phrase to me. In one sense it seems like it is a place to be, and in another sense it seems like it is a state of being. In truth, I think that it is both. It is a place to be, such as in His heart, but yet in being and resting there, it produces in us a state of calm and peace. Albeit, it is a spiritual place, not someplace we can see or travel to.
     In this earth life , unsettling circumstances will present themselves to us tempting us to come out from that place. If we allow our emotions to lead us, we lose our peace, because we've come out from under the umbrella of Christ's protection. We get entangled in other people's emotions, and a war of the wills begin many times. We shift from trusting Christ, to going out on our own, according to what we think, know, or perceive and put confidence in our flesh; a formula for trouble and failure.
     Listening for the wisdom of God is one thing, and as we hear, a response to situations often is needed, so passivity is not referred to here. But, often when our emotions are highly charged, we mistake them for His voice and begin to act quickly in a situation in an attempt for quick remediation. Not only are we operating in deception, but we are adding to the problems at hand, further complicating them and bringing confusion.
     I visualize this place "in Christ" analogous to the place the Israelites were when the death angel came through town looking for the 2 year old boys to kill, and they placed the blood on their doorposts and over the mantels of their homes, and were spared. Although they stayed in their homes at that time, it was not because they didn't come out from their houses that they were safe, but it was because they trusted God to protect and keep them. The blood represented the "future" blood that would be shed through Jesus' veins in accomplishing salvation, and all that entails. So, in effect, they were "in Christ" retroactively speaking.
    Only as we remain "in Christ" can we overcome the world, because He already has on our behalf. So, when these tremendous storms happen, to stay in trust is to abide "in Christ." Using the picture of the umbrella, which indicates protection and safety, if we think we can survice the torrential rain apart from Him, we are badly mistaken. Isn't that the same thing Adam and Eve thought back in the garden? Somehow they thought they could live outside the protection of God by ignoring His voice, and doing their own thing independent of Him.When they did this, they were totally on their own by their own choice.
     Stay "in Christ"!!!!! Don't leave. Trust Him. After the storm has passed,  you can assess the damage and then He will show you how to  navigate the path you are to take.When the storm is happening and is calling you to try and "do something about it" in your own strength or ingenuity, and put confidence in your own flesh, call on God's restraining power to keep you in place; the place of true safety and calm; the place you belong, in the eye of the storm-"In Christ."


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