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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Spirit of Seduction

     Trinidad and Tobago-welcome to this blog. I pray God uses it to speak His love, grace, mercy, instruction, or revelation to you as you live this life.

     The Spirit of Seduction attaches itself to someone or some thing and uses said person or object to lure, captivate and capture another's flesh, pandering to the lust of that flesh, so that it can consume, control and ultimately, if not rescued, plunge their soul and body into darkness and destruction. Examples of entities this spirit uses is through drugs, video games, sex, music, false preachers, teachers, or commentators by their words or personalities, institutions of men such as religious, political, fellowships, brotherhoods, or any other ones that have vows or creeds or dogmatic doctrines, T.V., movies, food, etc. Anyone or anything which is at first enjoyable to our flesh, and is allowed to have full reign in us, will be trapped by her clutches, and destruction is the final end.
     If a person is the Lord's and they find themselves being controlled by anything which they cannot stop,( for the Lord gives us warning signs at first while we can still hear Him) can call out to the Lord for help, hopefully confessing to someone else in the Body for prayer. If someone has been snatched in this manner by the enemy, he can be delivered because God's power is greater. But, if he remains in this darkness, this spirit is so strong, that it causes blindness and delusion even to the point where the person will defend the atttachment, even denying it's power over them. At this point, a demon becomes their spokesman, and comes up with all kinds of clever and manipulative rationalizations and manuevering debate strategies if confronted by someone else. As has been said, "You can't win over satan at the table of reason," as he is more subtle and powerful than any person's mental and intellectual abilities. So, it requires someone on the outside, who has spiritual discernment, who can see what is going on, to seek God on the other one's behalf for either spiritual strategy to help the captured one, or for intercession so that they might be delivered in the spiritual realm first.
     There are situations in which the person will not be delivered, and that is in the one who only is known by God,  who has openly given their will to this spirit. If someone is praying for this person, God will communicate to them at some point, to stop praying for them, or to pray "thy will be done." This is the saddest situation ever, and when that person's destruction happens, it provides no consolable answers.
     Pride is one thing which defies that this spirit exists or that it can affect them. The pride of life wrongly thinks that it can resist anyone or anything that they choose to. They have thought more high of themselves than they should. They claim or think they can have contact with or indulge in whatever they want to and remain unscathed, whether it be music which this spirit has attached itself to,(whether secular or "christian") or people they hear teach or preach or even secular commentators, or things they view, or even certain foods they continually eat they know are addicting, etc. The point is that because they have already put confidence in their own strength to "quit at any time I want to" or won't listen to some one else who may try and warn them because of their own rebellious and stubborn pride, they continue eating and drinking of these people or things to their own progressive destruction, all the while, claiming nothing has power over them. If someone on the outside continues to try and help them see what they see, they will craftily turn the tables around, and the attention off of themselves. And, many times the reason is pride in their own strength as above, or wounded pride because they are defending their own "valor" brought about by self-righteousness, or simply because they just want to indulge their flesh and make no excuses for it.
     Other times, though, it is truly child-like innocence at not knowing the enemy out there, and how he operates and they are lured by his clever and enticing traps. These immature sheep are fodder for the wolves, and that is one reason the more mature sheep need to help watch out for these new-borns, toddlers and young children as they grow. As they remain open to other people in the Body who are trustworthy, they can be spared alot of grief and heartache. That is why we are here to "watch one another's back" so to speak, and that is why I am writing this post today. I believe that God, by His Holy Spirit, has put this info. in my mind so that this horrible and slimy spirit could be exposed, for either those who may find themselves becoming obsessed or addicted to someone/something and feel the power in that, or for those to be aware of satan's devices by this controlling and entraping spirit.
If you are one who feels this power over you, drop what you are doing and call to God for help, and then tell another person in the Body who you know will understand and who will pray for you, and who will help you be accountable. He will come to your rescue, and then He will show you the steps to take to come out of this grip, for greater is He that is in you (in your spirit) than he that is in the world!!!!! 


  • At 1/12/2015 6:54 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Thank you for your post it is confirmation of what my husband is going through. He had a brain hemorrhage after a heart attach and two relapses. He has never made peace with the demons of past hurts and fills hims mind with TV, music, claims he can only be calmed by vibrations of traveling in a vehicle. He believes it has only been since the heart attack but he has always been this way, agitated by life, the medication the doctors have him on is suppose to help his seizures but they just seem to make him more neurotic and agitated. I have tried to talk to my husband and doctor. Both my daughter and I see what is going on and praying, but we need more prayer. I am not one the computer much due to my own health issues so I most likely will not be back here soon, just pray, thank you.
    Mrs. J.


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