Great and Unsearchable Things

Things the Lord gives me, and then I write them.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Let Your Song Be Sung

     God moves on people more than they think or realize. We take action, think thoughts, or say things which are inspired by His influence. Sometimes He reveals this to us; sometimes He doesn't. The ways He operates is us and in this natural world are wonderfully mysterious.
     I have come to consider this when I am seeking Him about what to post on this blog. Many times I sit in front of a white screen without knowing what He wants to say through me. I am trusting that as I seek Him, He answers. I try not to doubt that what comes out is from Him, even though it would seem arrogant to do so.
     But why should I doubt if He promises us that if we desire His will, that He will answer us. In fact, the name of this blog is "Great and Unsearchable Things," which is a phrase from the Scripture in Jeremiah 33:3-"Call to me and I will answer you and show you great and unsearchable things which you know not." That is God's word I take to heart as I type on this blog. I am trusting that whatever I type, He is behind it and is moving on and through me.
     It's awesome to think that there are individual souls living all over the world, who perhaps He moves on too to view this blog so that He might speak with them in a unique way that only He knows about. Not to say this blog is a sacred writing, as we think of it, but when we are filled with His Spirit, it's His Spirit through us that is "sacred" and what comes out of us, if we are attuned to it, and truly want His will, is a holy thing, and can bring light and life to others.
     I really like the fact that I don't know how what I post might affect others, because if I did, I might begin to be tempted to take glory for myself. When God gives us gifts, it is a temptation for the flesh to want to be puffed-up whenever we see people responding to the use of the gifts. And so it is with great care and prayer covering that we proceed. I'm wondering if me not being able to know the effect these writings have on people is a protection for me.
     Just like a sermon, a teaching or something someone says or does, we really never know how God uses it and translates it into other people's language. Not their cultural language, but the language of their individual soul. Sometimes it's how something is worded that speaks to another in addition to the content of what they are saying, coupled with what the receiver is dealing with in themselves at that time. Many times, that is something only God knows.
     So, our God is wonderfully mysterious, and in many ways "past finding out," but we can be assured that as each one of us steps out in His will, empowered by His Spirit, He will use what we offer to Him for His purposes in people and in this world. Unseen things happen as we do; supernatural things sometimes only He and perhaps the company of heaven know about. On the other side, they get to see what is truly going on, and it is glorious. Do you suppose they can see, or atleast understand it when He uses evil for good, and what a glorious thing that would be to experience?
     If sometimes you have felt useless in His Kingdom, know that He is using you even if you don't realize it, if you have surrendered your life to Him. He has put you where you are for reasons you don't even know, to be used with what He's put in you, for His purposes, and things are happening you can't even see. So, we run into the walk of faith again-believing even though we don't see, but knowing it 's going on anyway. Continue to live before Him blindly, realizing the priveledge it is to offer yourself as a living sacrifice. He calls this our spiritual act of worship.


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