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Sunday, October 02, 2016

Trusting, Not Self-Protection

     How much of our unresolved past and the defenses that developed  because of that, influences and even directs our present responses? Even our responses to God's voice?
     Walls of fear, inside us,  may resist a new direction He's leading us in, thinking all the while, that we must protect ourselves from intruding forces, when in fact, He might be using it to reveal to us our lack of trust in Him.
     If we are dealing with a lack of trust, and He mercifully reveals it to us, and we are willing and able to see it (also by His grace) then we have a decision to make. We have everything pertaining to life and godliness in us, and so we have the ability to just decide and trust Him. As we do this, our past walls will fall down and not before. Like Peter stepping out on the water, he had to decide to trust Jesus and take action for him to stay buoyant. But, when he reasoned within himself as the waves crashed all around, he abandoned that trust and sank. Good thing Moses didn't do that when crossing the Red Sea.
     And so it goes with us. We step out in faith and trust, but then start looking around, and whoosh-under we go! But, truly Jesus would have saved Peter. He really would have.
     Because of His undying love for us, He will come through for us! He will protect and defend us! We can step out there, decide to trust, and never let go, if we will.


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