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Tuesday, February 02, 2016

We Are Accepted in the Beloved

     Many years ago, I used to sit and listen from another room to my husband and his brother talking. They had such love and respect for one another, that it even gave me peace inside to hear them. It was like the sound of a river quietly flowing. I knew that I was lacking these characteristics that had been implanted in them by their parents, as children growing up.
     That sound I heard and felt in my soul when listening, is the same peace that Jesus brings to our soul, if we can receive His love. I say "can receive" because I believe there are so many of us who have built walls of self-protection as children when one or both of our parents did not value us. I think it is especially, negatively impactive of Fathers with their children, although mothers too can leave children bereft and rejected.
     I have been reflecting on this lately, because so many who are sons and daughters that I know, (including myself) have been stifled and vulnerable to the enemy of our souls, because of our Father's rejection. This can come in the form of neglect, abuse, or even abandonment. Many times, though, it's an accumulation of negative criticisms, and standards never met, from Fathers who keep raising the bar. Shame is the result, many times, even though the child has done nothing wrong. All of these negative (rejecting) behaviors towards a child can result in self-hating and sabotaging behaviors lasting even into adulthood, with too many lasting until the grave.
     One of the worse outcomes, I believe, is when we have subconsciously projected the rejection we experienced as a child from a parent, onto God.  If so, what is the result? We work hard for Him, hoping He accepts us  and we never get to enjoy the peace and security which love and acceptance brings, that no one or nothing can touch or alter, no matter what!
     Would you journey with me and ask yourself, as I am doing, if you have been working for His acceptance, even unknowingly. We need to reckon with this, so that we can truly relate to Him in the way He desires for us to, receive unaltered truth, and have "peace like a River." Truly then, will it be well with our soul, and we can release that same love, acceptance and peace into our world.



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